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Emilia Roosmann is a Scandinavian actress. Born in Stockholm but patly grown up in Norway, therefor she speaks three languages fluid!

Having artistic parents, Emilia discovered her interest in theatre very early on. In fact she was only twelve years old when she decided to become an actress. Growing up with clear goals in mind, she grabbed every acting opportunity that came her way. 

Emilia got accepted to Stockholms Academy of Dramatic arts in 2016 and will take her bachelor in acting 2019. 

Emilia is not only a great  and sharp actress, she has a beautiful and well trained voice too. In addition to acting she has done multiple voice overs for commercials and tv. 

Something that stands out on her resume is that she carried the title of being Vice president of Stockholm Wrestling during a period of 5 years. And if that isn’t impressive enough, she’s also a member of the fantastic band Wet Catch who's behind the one hit wonder PUSSY HAVE THE POWER. 

Download her full CV here!



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Please feel free to send me an e-mail at emilia.roosmann@gmail.com, or give me a call at 070 XXX XXX XX. You'll also find me on social media: